Vape Liquids/Vape Pens

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People everywhere are loving their freedom to vape.  These highly pure and fresh Hemp Oils are the best available. 
Not sure about whether to get a Vape Oil or a Vape Dab (wax) or concentrate?  Here's what you need to know to make the best decision.  First, all the Vape products we carry are the best of the best or we wouldn't carry them. Second, here's the difference in how they're used:
Vape Oils For Sale are generally less concentrated than dabs.  Thus, in order to get however much cannabidiol you might need, people generally puff on them throughout the day.  They put on the Vape Oil atomizer onto their vape pen and use it throughout the day.  
Vape Dabs (waxes) or Concentrates are, well, generally more concentrated than Vape Oils.  And, as such, they require only a few puffs when the user is wanting their cannabidiol.  They put on their atomizer for herbs/solids and puff.  Once done, they put their regular atomizer back on for use with whatever product they want to vape throughout the day. 
So, as you can see, its very much just a matter of preference.  Neither product is generally better or worse, just different in its administration.  Please be sure to get an appropriate Vape Pen with your Vape Oil or Dabs.