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Quick and easy to take!

With Capsules, its very easy to get the appropriate dosage you're wanting to take. Each capsule is rated and measured to have a particular number of milligrams of cannabidiol,  and by taking a capsule, you are easily assured that the dosage is correct.  With other products, it can be a bit challenging to get precisely the number of milligrams you seek.
While Capsules make it easy to get a specified number of milligrams, it can be somewhat difficult to tweak the amount you're taking.  For instance, many people find that they are recommended to take a certain amount.  They find a capsule that provides at least that much and they're done.  But, its possible that the person might not need quite as much as was suggested.  With a product like Drops, it is easy to "dial down" the amount by reducing the number of drops taken.  But, with capsules, its not feasible to reduce the number of milligrams from 25mg to 20mg.  So, while capsules offer the ease of getting a particular number, it can be difficult to get an exact number of milligrams.

What Can Capsules Do For You?

While the MHRA prevents us from making any health claims, many people have reported to us that they have found great relief for whatever condition they were hoping to treat when they took Capsules.  This is because typically the capsules contain upwards of 5mg of hemp to as high as 20 to 30mg.  And, when taking these higher dosages, people typically find relief quite quickly.  So, because of this, capsules and pills are one of the most popular products we sell.  So often, people will start taking the "entry level" drops which are not very concentrated.  They find little relief and choose not to continue on.  However, those people who start with more concentrated forms, typically becoming believers and share their extreme happiness with people in all areas of their life.  Please, if you do not find the relief you were seeking and you have started by taking small amounts, try increasing the number of milligrams and see if that makes the difference you're seeking.