Marley One

Marley One


Created in the spirit of Bob Marley who believed in a healthy, sustainable relationship with nature, today, the Marley One brand continues this belief by creating products that not only benefit us as individuals, but also lead to a greater global connectedness. Through Marley One, we hope to further the idea that within the circle of life, nature is central to helping us all become one.


A leader in the functional, legal mushroom space science 2018, Silo Wellness, since day one, has focused on offering its customers the best products developed to enhance body and mind-power. As a pioneering company, its focus is to overcome the primary issues that may prevent first time users from trying mushrooms including reliability, taste, and stigma. Marley One is proud to be offered by Silo Wellness.

Marley One keeps the philosophies and name of Bob Marley alive. It is our brand mission to connect his timeless, universal message with the needs of today’s people in a limitless, possibility opening way.


In efforts to uphold the best quality and standards, all of our products are gluten-free, non-GMO, pesticides-free, and herbicide-free. Each formula includes USP grade organic alcohol, organic mushrooms, as well as organic myceliated brown rice (used to ‘feed’ the fungi). Furthermore, all packages are light resistant to ensure the shelf-life of the tinctures.