About us

So, how did it all start and why are we doing this.

Mark is a co-founder of the company, was once classed as disabled and had a brain tumour, as is usual with a brain tumour, he suffered from seizures/fits and was in a lot of pain 24hrs a day, 7 days a week for almost 7 years, Mark has made a full recovery since investigating and learning about the endocannabinoid system and what works for him, he is now pain free, tumour free and takes no pharma medicines at all, he is now not disabled and is back driving and operating heavy plant and machinery which is where he met Jeremy (the tester!)

After having discussions with Jeremy and explaining his situation it appeared (unbelievably) that Jeremy’s then partner, had not long had a brain tumour removed and was recovering herself, still having the occasional seizure and having lost her peripherial vision, things were going to take time, Mark suggested that she looks into the endocannibinoid system.   Her seizures have now stopped, on her last eye exam, her peripherial vision has almost returned to normal and she is also back driving and no longer taking any pharma medicines herself.

After long discussions, it was agreed that the very products that have improved both our founders lives should be made readily available using the most trusted, organic Hemp products available at the time, Mark has been studying the endocannabinoid system for a number of years and was keen to try and make this happen, unfortunately not having the money available and having been let down by other people in the past, things never seemed to quite fit into place for him, seeing the benefits that people have had on the oils, Jeremy decided to help and try to make Marks dream a reality and help as many people as possible by benefiting from Marks experience, Simple CBD Was then Born in August 2016.

With all of the issues we were facing as Simple CBD (Google, PayPal, Amazon), the decision was made to change our name to The Hemp Wellness Centre Ltd in June 2017, this was a good move in that we are more than just a CBD Supplier, we now stock all things Hemp, not just CBD, although CBD will remain the core of our business.

Our mission is to provide quality products that are grown as organically as possible to ensure they are as pure as the day they left the ground. All products are fully examined by ourselves and also used by us to ensure we do actually know the product inside out.

We are continuously researching the market, looking for different suppliers of QUALITY, organic products to give you, the consumer, a diverse range of products to choose from, we are constantly adding to our already impressive range of products and now stock certain items not available anywhere else in the UK, this ensure we keep on top of the industry by providing you the very best, organically grown products available.

We only deal direct with the manufacturers, with the exception of a couple of products we stock, this ensures no third party has access to the products before you, the consumer does, to ensure quality through the stages of purchasing to selling, giving you untouched, quality products.

So, here we are – SIMPLE as that.