Supreme CBD

Supreme CBD Retinol Serum - 30ml - 1000mg CBD


A breakthrough in anti-ageing products, CBD Retinol Serum is the latest product to hit beauty shelves all over the world. Full of natural antioxidants and infused with high-quality broad-spectrum CBD, this radiance-boosting product could help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles - without irritating the skin.

Apply it in the evening before moisturising a couple of times a week and gradually build up to daily use. 

  • Award-winning broad-spectrum CBD
  • Made with naturally-derived ingredients
  • Hydrates & supports skin renewal

How To Use:

Simply massage a few drops of our Supreme CBD Retinol Serum into freshly cleaned skin and allow to absorb fully. Our pipettes are designed for easy dosage.

You can typically use this Supreme CBD Retinol Serum 2-4 times per week, avoiding direct sunlight after use. For best results, apply in the evening before bed and use SPF the next day after use. 

Why Choose Supreme CBD?

We’re focused on creating high quality, all natural CBD products. We trust in the effects of Cannabidiol. Supreme CBD is your go-to retailer for all natural products when it comes to CBD products.