Supreme CBD

Supreme CBD Cleansing Serum - 30ml - 1000mg CBD


Combat break-outs with CBD Spot Serum. Naturally-derived ingredients work with 1000mg of broad-spectrum CBD to help minimise spots and prevent new ones from forming. We’ve created this one as a soothing, cooling gel, which is kind to even sensitive skin.

Suitable for daily use, apply your CBD spot serum directly to spots and blemishes for clearer skin and a more balanced skin tone. Perfect for anyone that wants to achieve nourishment and protection with their spot serum.

How To Use:

Make sure to thoroughly clean your hands before use. Using your fingertips, massage a few drops of our Supreme CBD Cleansing Serum into freshly washed skin and allow to absorb fully. Our pipettes are designed for easy dosage.

You can typically use this Supreme CBD Cleansing Serum 2-4 times per week, avoiding direct sunlight after use. For best results, apply in the evening before bed. 

Why Choose Supreme CBD?

We’re focused on creating high quality, all natural CBD products. We trust in the benefits of Cannabidiol. Supreme CBD is your go-to retailer for all natural CBD products.