Supreme CBD

Supreme CBD Broad Spectrum - 1000mg CBD - Various Flavours


Enjoy the positive effects of high-quality, organic broad-spectrum CBD oil.  Supreme CBD’s flavoured CBD Oil 1000mg provides a healthy dose of CBD, for the best experience for both the mind and body.

These flavoured CBD Oils are light on taste and present a great alternative for people who prefer a little extra flavour with their CBD. 

Our athletes’ range is perfect for professional athletes across all sports to help keep you on top form both physically and mentally. This product also has a 0% THC content while still giving you a large dose of phytocannabinoids to add to the entourage effect – ideal for athletes. The entourage effect occurs when the many components in the hemp plant interact with the human body to provide a stronger influence than the components alone, providing more effective results.

These broad-spectrum oils benefit from the addition of natural flavourings. Our broad-spectrum oils are extracted using a specialist CO2 process – the gold standard in extraction - that has been developed to isolate and remove any unwanted compounds, while creating the maximum potency level of phytocannabinoids. Cutting-edge technology is employed to ensure a broad-spectrum oil, that includes both high levels of CBD, cannabinoids and terpenes. These broad-spectrum CBD components are easy to use even on a day to day basis. Our hemp-based phytocannabinoids offer an organic, non-GMO formulation with no chemical solvents.



Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (1000mg per 30ml), MCT Oil, Natural Flavourings, Terpenes.