GZR 750mg Fertility 100 Capsules


Tired of boring, sub-par supplements? GZR's got ya covered with their legendary Fertility Capsules - the crème de la crème of nootropic-tainment! 

Give your fertility a boost with GZR Fertility Capsules! Packed with 750mg of reproductive power, these capsules put the spark back in your bedroom. Add a few extra years to your reproductive lifespan and increase your chances of conception naturally. Don't get left behind!

  • 750mg nootropic combination
  • 100 caps per bottle

Dosage: 1 Capsule before every carbohydrate-containing meal. Maximum 5 caps a day. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Ingredients: Amount Per 3 Capsules - Berberine - 1050mg, Alpha Lipoic Acid - 450mg, Trans, Resveratrol - 450mg, Gymnema Sylvestre - 300mg, Chromium Picolinate - 1500mcg