CBD Asylum

CBD Asylum Water Soluble Shot - Various Strengths

  • 50 x 20mg or 50 x 40mg servings
  • Compact bottle can be taken anywhere
  • Perfect for the whole family
  • Flavourless
  • One short squirt into any beverage
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Simply mixes right in with your favourite drink- no more oil

For when that thorn in your side turns into a full blown rose bush- squirt it away with the 1000mg or 2000mg CBD Shot! 

There has never been a better way to enjoy CBD - one simple squeeze is going to give you 20/40mg of CBD right into whatever drink you have in front of you. So what does it taste like? Well, it tastes like coffee if that’s what you’ve squirted it into, even just plain old H2O isn’t gonna get tainted! Also, it’s water-soluble so doesn’t have the texture of an oil slick when you drink it - just squirt it in, give it a quick shake or stir and drink away. 

Convenient, tasteless, super strong, mixes with a brew. What more could you want?


Purified Water, Water Soluble CBD