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One of the quickest, easiest ways to get your Hemp Oil.  Squirt a few drops into your mouth and you're good to go!  

Many people prefer Oil Drops (Tinctures) as they are one of the easiest ways to take Hemp Oil, but they are also one of the easiest ways to measure your dosage. Generally, all bottles have a "Serving Size" on them which equate to drops. Once you find this info on the package, you can determine how many milligrams of hemp are in each
Then, take the appropriate number of drops.  It is not as involved as it may sound. 

Taking Drops & Tinctures

Oil Drops and Tinctures can be taken straight and are normally put under the tongue for approximately 90 seconds, then swallowed.  Or, they can be put into most any beverage or smoothie.  Generally, the flavored Drops are taken directly under the tongue and the unflavored or natural flavored ones are taken in beverages.  Natural or Unflavored Drops can taste somewhat "hempy", so be prepared.
One of the best aspects of Oil Drops is that they are easy to work with in determining exactly how much you need to achieve the desired effects.  For instance, the Serving Size Chart mentioned above depicts a "starting point" for how much someone might need.  By determining the Drops concentration by looking at the serving size on the bottle, you can determine how many drops to take to obtain the necessary milligrams of hemp.  It is recommended that you take this amount for 2-3 days consistently. Then, either increase or decrease the amount of milligrams by increasing or decreasing the number of drops. 
Let's say, for instance, that you've determined by referencing the Serving Size Chart and the Serving Size on the Drops Bottle, you need to take 10 drops to get 20mg of hemp.  You would take this amount for 2-3 days.  If you don't notice any improvement in well being after this time, then you might increase by 5 drops, up to 30 mg.  You would take this for a few more days to see if you achieve the desired effect.  Or, if after 2-3 days of taking 10 drops, you feel great improvement, you might try reducing the number of Drops or Tinctures down to 8 drops and see how you feel.  By easily making these adjustments, it becomes fairly easy to determine an appropriate dosage so that you get enough hemp without wasting it.