Gypsy Magic CBD

I created Gypsy Magic to try and help my parents.   They were constantly in pain and it broke my heart to see them not being able to function properly due to the amount of pain they were in. My mom has had MS for nearly 30 years now and has tried so many different medications and treatments that never helped ease her pain. Instead, the amount of opiates and medications have caused other issues with her health. I thought to myself, "there has to be something I can do to help her." I tried for years to get her to smoke pot with me. She wasn't having it. I bought her topicals and creams from other companies. She hated them. This lady was really starting to frustrate me!

Working in the medical marijuana industry already, I had met a lot of great people and had some connections with CBD. So I bought some CBD isolate and started experimenting with different recipes and oils and finally found something that worked for both her and my dad!  I was so excited about my new discovery that I wanted to be able to share it with everyone.  And a year later my company has grown tremendously! 

Every product that leaves my workshop is made with lots of love and integrity. I do not believe in using products made with petroleum, chemicals, or preservatives. I use all natural ingredients that are plant and earth derived. Everything I make is made with therapeutic grade essential oils - not synthetic fragrance oils - so you'll be reaping all the benefits of the aromatherapy infused in each one of my products.

I love what I do. I love how my customers call me their "Hippie Witch Doctor". I love being able to help people and improve their quality of lif.  I couldn't imagine doing anything else with my life and I feel super blessed to be given this opportunity to truly make a difference.