MagicalButter 4 Pack: 1 LoveGlove + 3 Purify Filters


Filters & Glove 4-Pack:  Your ultra durable, complete straining accessory kit! 

PurifyFilters are extremely durable, reusable nylon mesh bags for easy filtering of botanical extracts and other preparations. With Purify Filters, you can separate sediment from your recipes quickly, easily, and safely!

Premium-quality nylon and construction—built to last
Filters of various of pore sizes (25, 73, and 220 microns) allow customized, consistent straining of botanical extracts, nut milk, cheese, cold-brew coffee, etc.
Easy squeeze—maximize your yield with no stretching or ripping

Purify Filter Micron Pore Sizes 

Fun Fact: 
How big is a micron? Not very. There are one million microns in a single meter (about 3¼ feet)! 

25 microns is a super fine pore size, best for straining kif or hashish
73 is for a finer tincture and better clarity—removes more plant residue from alcohol 
220 is a larger pore size, great for butter or thicker extracts

Pro Tip: For more thorough straining, use filters in order from larger to smaller


Say goodbye to the old-fashioned oven mitt! The silicone LoveGlove uniquely combines durability, heat protection, comfortable fit, and precise, non-slip grip. By preventing hot liquids from contacting the hand holding the PurifyFilter, the LoveGlove provides for safe, sanitary straining!

Extremely durable, heat-resistant, 100% pure silicone for cushioned comfort
Five-finger glove design and raised LoveGrip™ ensure non-slip grip no mitt can match
Won’t absorb stains or odours—dishwasher safe
Safely handle food in boiling water, hot oven or BBQ grill
Easily open tight jar lids, safely use harsh cleaners—over 420 uses