Coconut Merchant

Love. It’s the common thread that connects everything that we do.

We’re passionate about sharing delicious, ethically sourced natural foods with the world – and from natural kitchen staples like coconut oil, to more unique options like our Organic Coconut Jam, we’re proud to have the UK’s widest range of coconut products!

To top that off, we work with farmers who are equally passionate about creating them. From Indonesia to Sri Lanka, Thailand and everywhere in between, we work hard to support our farmers and their local communities. So from farm to table, our goodies are always prepared, packed and positively bursting at the seams with love.

Our values are at the core of everything we do. We believe in ethical sourcing: creating a virtuous chain where everyone benefits. We believe in honesty: making sure that our products are pure, natural and free from nasties. And we believe in the quality of our products: working hard to ensure they are worthy of our seal of approval.

We are your on-shelf farmer’s market, and our goal is to help farmers share their unique products with the world. We are proud to ethically source our products: making sure farmers are fairly paid and respected for their produce. We work as closely as possible with farmers and cooperatives to help benefit both our farmers and their local communities.