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What Are Cordyceps Mushrooms?

Feb 08, 2024Jeremy Curtis

For any of you that know a thing or two about mushrooms, you'll know that the Cordyceps mushroom traditionally grows in the wild and is usually found growing on butterfly or moth larvae. This species of wild harvested Cordyceps is scientifically named Cordyceps Sinensis. 

Cordyceps has been a specially valued mushroom in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries, boasting beneficial adaptogenic* properties that support wellness within the body and mind. Many of these properties are still sought after remedies in modern day-to-day life, leading the Cordyceps mushroom to gain rightful popularity in recent years.

The performance enhancer created by nature, Cordyceps provides a natural, caffeine-free energy boost but without the crash associated with other stimulants.

Supporting energy levels, endurance, athletic performance, oxygen delivery and respiratory health, this immune boosting herbs benefits span across a multitude of health properties. It can also boost libido, help reduce fatigue, and is filled with antioxidants that offer protection against the effects of ageing.

So if it's an energy boost you're looking for, ditch the late afternoon coffee crash - Cordyceps mushroom capsules or powder can relieve you of fatigue and give you an all natural, healthy uplift to help you stay focused and power on through the day!

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