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CBD & Pets

Mar 28, 2023Jeremy Curtis

Pets and CBD is a very popular topic of conversation for pet owners across the UK. If you’re a regular CBD user or pet-owner, you will have probably seen stories and reports about the uses of CBD with a wide variety of animals.

Giving CBD to your pet may seem like a straightforward subject, it does have limitations. Stories and comments online are often anecdotal, and written without knowledge of current laws and regulations about giving CBD to an animal in your care.

This article aims to clear up the misconceptions of CBD and pets in the UK. You’ll find that the regulation is quite clear in many cases. Hopefully, the information below will help you get the best for your furry (or scaly/feathered) friend!

So what are the UK laws around giving CBD to your pets? In their most recent statement, the UK’s Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) said “products containing Cannabidiol (CBD) are veterinary medicines and should be regulated as such”.

CBD may be of therapeutic benefit to pets but also that CBD products must be strictly regulated, just like medicines intended for animals. While this will limit what CBD you can give to your pet (more on that below), it also ensures that companion animal’s best interests are maintained.

Regular CBD users will be aware of similar UK regulations around CBD for human consumption, though this is rapidly improving. The current FSA approval procedure that CBD products must go through to be sold in the UK will ensure that only safe and legitimate CBD will be available to buy.

Why do people give CBD to their pets?

People use CBD with their pets for very similar reasons as humans. However, and again similarly to human CBD use, more research is needed into the subject.

Current studies are limited on the effects of CBD on animals, and even though initial results are promising, longer term studies are needed to draw a more accurate picture.

Is CBD safe for use in pets?

CBD for pets has a good safety tolerance according to initial research. A main concern around giving animals CBD is the potential interactions it can have with medication.

CBD is metabolised by the same enzyme that breaks down many common medications such as painkillers and antibiotics. Simply put, CBD can cause medication to remain in your pet’s body longer as it takes up the enzyme that processes some medications. In extreme cases, this has the potential to cause side effects or even overdoses.

This effect is not uncommon and is known as the ‘grapefruit effect’ in humans, as grapefruit is also metabolised by the same enzyme.

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