Tru Organics CBN Tincture - 300mg
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Tru Organics CBN Tincture - 300mg

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Our pure CBN tincture features 300mg of high-quality, hemp-derived CBN isolate sourced from our own Colorado farms. CBN is a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid that’s naturally-occurring in trace amounts in cannabis and increases with age. CBN shares a similar chemical composition to THC and is believed to primarily bind with CB2 receptors while acting as an antagonist to the TRPV2 receptor. In order to achieve our highly-concentrated tincture, we’ve spent years in research and development, created a proprietary extraction process, and utilized our industry-leading expertise. Even though CBN is considered to be a minor cannabinoid due to its low-occurring levels, this unique molecule is gaining popularity due to more scientific research and community interest. Formulated with MCT coconut oil, our CBN tincture is a highly versatile product. Enjoy adding to your favorite recipes, applying topically, or sublingually. Mix and match with your favorite CBD products for your own custom cannabinoid therapy routine!


Tru Organics High CBN Oil Tincture is formulated based on evidence gathered from cutting-edge research and advanced extraction processes developed by the nation’s leading cannabis scientists. This premium tincture utilizes true ingenuity to make the benefits of cannabinol accessible to people of all ages and demographics. 


Tru Organics CBN Tincture contains 300 mg of pure CBN isolate obtained from hemp plants grown on our very own Colorado farms. MCT oil and sunflower lecithin work hand and hand to increase bioavailability of CBN so that it can be easily absorbed by the human body.


CBN used to be one of the lesser known cannabinoids. When hemp plants are grown naturally, it appears in smaller quantities than THC and CBD. CBN content is also highly dependent on the age of the plant and the level of oxygen exposure it’s received over its lifetime. However, thanks to scientific advancements, manufacturers are finding new ways to make CBN more readily available. Now, CBN is quickly gaining recognition for its potential as a powerful natural agent. 

Tru Organics CBN Tincture makes it easy for you to customize your personal cannabinoid therapy and achieve the effects you desire. Using this tincture on a daily or regular basis may help support individuals afflicted by certain health conditions, including sleep deprivation, immune system dysfunction, and epilepsy. 

  • Contains 300 mg of pure CBN isolate sourced from hemp plants grown on our farms in Colorado
  • CBN may help with epilepsy, immune system response, and sleep issues. Studies show that when CBN is combined with certain plant terpenes and/or THC, it may produce a sedative effect that could possibly alleviate sleep cycle disruption.
  • Formulated with a special blend of sunflower lethicin and MCT oil to increase bioavailability
  • Easy to use dropper makes administration nearly effortless. Options for dispensing include ingestion, topical application, and sublingual administration.
  • Minimal ingredients make for a clean, safe product
Fractionated Coconut Oil, Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin, CBN Isolate

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