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Supreme SUPREME Pack

£350.00 £500.80you save £150.80

If you’re an intermediate or experienced CBD user looking for a handy, cost-effective bundle full of your favourite CBD products, then look no further. Supreme CBD’s Supreme Starter Pack offers a full range of our best-selling items, providing the perfect mix of quality and variety. Whether you want to give yourself a well-deserved treat or you’re looking for a gift for the CBD user in your life, our Supreme Starter Pack is a great choice.

The pack contains our Supreme CBD Oil 30ml (3000mg), Supreme CBD Oil 100ml (12000mg), Supreme CBD Large Gummy Sweets (16-22mg), and Supreme CBD Muscle and Joint Rub 50ml (800mg). So, whether you’re relaxing at home or on the go, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from for getting your daily dose of CBD. It also offers a mix of both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD products. So, whatever your preferences, our Supreme Starter Pack has something for you!

Advanced Starter Pack includes:

  • Supreme CBD Oil 30ML (3000MG)
  • Supreme CBD Muscle and Joint Rub 50ML (800MG)
  • Supreme CBD Large Gummy Sweets (10MG)
  • Supreme CBD Oil 100ML (12000MG)