Orange County CBD Bath Bombs - 150mg CBD
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Orange County CBD Bath Bombs - 150mg CBD

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Relaxation and the easing of tension is what the CBD industry is all about, so what better thing to pair it with than this classic indulgence? A hot, luxurious bath enhanced with one of our CBD bath bombs is sure to soak away the troubles of a hard week.

Packing an impressive 150mg of broad-spectrum CBD into a citrus-smelling, Epsom salt and essential oil infused bomb, we’re bringing a respectable hit of CBD goodness to a well formulated indulgence. With one of these fizzing away in your bath, you’ll be able to let go of those troubles in moments.

Our award-winning CBD is derived from quality hemp plants grown in the United States. Extracted using a specialist method developed to streamline the cannabidiol selection process, our CBD consists of the very best compounds from our government-certified suppliers.

The cannabidiols in our CBD bath bomb will diffuse into your body via the hair follicles, soaking in under your skin and getting to work.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Broad Spectrum CBD Oil (150mg Active CBD), Epsom Salts, Mica Powder, Fragrance Oil, Coconut Oil, SLSA Polysorbate 80


If you have already used a bath bomb before you are probably no stranger on how to use a CBD bath bomb! But anyway, below are some simple instructions for the optimal CBD bathing experience!

1. Fill your bath with warm water.

2. Drop the CBD bath bomb in the bath. It will begin to fizz.

3. Move and swirl the CBD bath bomb around the bath.

4. Finally, in your bath bomb has dissolved run it under the bath tap.

Once your bath bomb has finished fizzing, remember to take a photograph of your swirly CBD creation, and enjoy your CBD infused bath.

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