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Multitrance Iced Coffee Drink

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Forget about your local ice coffee drink, we present our new cannabis flavoured ice coffee drink, guaranteed to wake you up and put you back to sleep at the same time! One can contains as much caffeine as two strong cups of coffee. Best served ice cold.

Product specification:
  • HaZe Cannabis Ice Coffee drink - Ice Coffee with caffeine. Drink it ice cold!
  • THC FREE, There are no narcotic effects
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • Content : 250 ml
  • Ingredients: Vitamin iced coffee drink with instant coffee, whole milk, sugar and low fat cocoa, sterilized ingredients: whey, whole milk (35%), water, sugar, instant coffee (1.4%), low fat cocoa, stabilizers: sodium carbonate, carrageenan. Whey is extracted from the milk of the milky white