Just CBD

Just CBD Coconut Oil - 120ml - 360mg CBD


With its uses for cooking, cleaning, skincare and more, what can’t coconut oil do?
Coconut oil’s benefits are hard to exaggerate, and when you add CBD, this nourishing product is all the better.
But one of our favorite things is that coconut oil can make CBD more effective. This is because coconut oil is packed with medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), and when CBD is suspended in MCTs, it’s been found to absorb more effectively into the body when orally ingested. Match made in heaven!
The healthy fats, antimicrobial properties, and its delicious tropical aroma is a massive bonus, too.

Our versatile and rich, soothing CBD coconut oil can be used for any way you’d use regular coconut oil. Use in a frypan cooking your favorite meal, or apply as a body moisturizer to soothe chapped lips and skin. JustCBD Coconut Oil has a rich and distinctive taste – it can be consumed on its own, but you may enjoy our powerful JustCBD coconut oil mixed in with a smoothie or your morning coffee. You’ll get the same miraculous effects of coconut oil, with the added potency and healing power of our exceptional CBD. JustCBD Coconut Oil comes in a small but mighty 4oz jar, and boasts 360mg per container.