Hanf & Natur Fruit & Hemp Muesli
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Hanf & Natur Fruit & Hemp Muesli

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Hanf & Natur Organic Nut Hemp Muesli

Traditional cereal ingredients such as barley, wholegrain spelt- and wholegrain oat flakes as well as sunflower and hazelnut kernels and flaxseed are topped with peeled and roasted hemp seeds. The cereal tastes great with cold milk, yogurt or soured milk.

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Barley flakes*, wholemeal spelt flakes*, wholegrain oat flakes*, wholegrain corn flakes*, sunflower seeds*, hemp seeds* peeled, hazelnuts* (chopped or whole), linseed* (12% nut content)
* From certified organic farming


barley flakes, spelt flakes, oat flakes, hazelnuts

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