Endoca RAW Protein Organic Powder

Endoca RAW Protein Organic Powder

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Endoca recently created their 100% plant-based Raw Organic Hemp Protein Powder, and it has quickly become a favourite here at Bloom Botanics and across the globe. It’s all-natural and made entirely of organic hemp seeds, making it a great choice for people following a vegan, dairy or lactose-free or gluten-free diet. 

Along with protein, this hemp powder is rich in nine essential Amino Acids and high in Omega 3, 6 and 9. Amino Acids are great for promoting healthy skin and joints because they are the building blocks for collagen. 

Endoca's Raw Organic Hemp Protein Powder is suitable to use every day. Sprinkle it on food, mix it with hot or cold drinks or combine it with your favourite recipes or baking!


This Raw Organic Hemp Protein Powder is made entirely from organic hemp seeds and nothing else. Since hemp seeds are so packed with essential nutrients, there is no need for any additives!

Why Use Hemp Protein?

This protein powder is a good source of non-essential fatty acids, non-essential amino acids, zinc, copper and manganese.

Some people may be worried that because this product is made from hemp seeds there could be trace amounts of THC. However, this is not possible because hemp seeds do not contain any THC, or even CBD for that matter. Any of the cannabinoids that are associated with hemp are only found in the flowers of hemp plants.

Hemp seeds provide a plethora of nutritious vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids -- not to mention protein! These include:

  • 60% Protein in each package.
  • All essential amino acids
  • Healthy fatty acids Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9
  • Dietary fibre
    • Vitamin

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