Elixinol “Turmeric” Capsules - 150mg CBD - 5mg CBD Per Capsule

Elixinol “Turmeric” Capsules - 150mg CBD - 5mg CBD Per Capsule

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The Elixinol Turmeric CBD Capsules contain an optimal fusion of the potent turmeric root extract paired with essential vitamins and minerals with the added benefit of vitamin C and manganese along with natural, organic, full-spectrum and vegan-friendly CBD Hemp Extract that is specifically designed to help your bones, cartilage and connective tissue remain healthy.

Healthy, Strong, Balanced - A Formulation for Healthy Bones

With the power of traditional Ayurvedic superfood plant extracts of the Turmeric root and the amazing beneficial properties of Vitamin C and Manganese; the Elixinol Turmeric CBD capsules offer a superb blend of tradition and nutrition that help your bones, connective tissue and cartilage maintain their health.

Turmeric – The Ancient Superfood

A powerful superfood popular in Ayurvedic Tradition across the Indian subcontinent, this versatile plant has been used for thousands of years in various Asian cultures. It is considered a key ingredient in almost all dishes and cuisine across the Asian continent, and the root is used for the manufacturing and flavouring of an ever-growing number of products worldwide.

Considered the most valuable spice in ancient times, folklore talks of Turmeric’s many positive effects—some of which are only now being uncovered by modern science and research.

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