The Hemp Wellness Centre

Eco Friendly Hemp Grinder


The Perfect Smooth and Green Grinder On the Go!

The Biodegradable Hemp Grinder is the perfect way for your customers to grind their favourite herbs into fine powder. This grinder is sturdy and durable and features three zig-zag blades with a mesh screen which allows the user to grind their herbs finely. The Hemp Grinder ZigZag Green is made of 100% natural hemp and recycled plastic. It is environmentally friendly and biodegradable, so your customers can use it without worrying about the environment. 

The grinder has three parts, which can be separated and cleaned easily. The total diameter of the grinder is about 60mm, which will suit most cigarette filters. This product comes in a display box with 12 pieces per box.

These hemp grinders are made using a special process that involves the use of green energy and other recycled materials. The hemp used in the product comes from organic farming, where no pesticides or fertilizers are used during the cultivation stages. The hemp grinders are ideal for grinding dry herbs.