Flowermate Swift Pro

Flowermate Swift Pro

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The Flowermate SWIFT Pro is one of a very small number of true 100% convection vaporizers on the market today. In convection vaping, the air is heated in its own chamber and kept separate from the aromatherapy blend until it is actually required. This means that the Flowermate SWIFT Pro can offer users outstanding flavour since the heating process is much more gentle on your favourite blend. While the science behind it may be complex, the new SWIFT vaporizer is reassuringly simple in design makingit small, light and sleek.

Although the Flowermate SWIFT Pro has been designed as a stand-alone device, rather than being intended to connect to a smartphone, it has digital temperature control and a digital display screen for absolute precision and ease of use. As an added bonus, the powerful battery recharges via USB, meaning that there is always someone whom you can borrow a USB-cable from if, for some reason, you’re without yours when you need to charge it.


  • One of the few 100% convection vaporizers available today
  • Customizable chamber which holds your favourite aromatherapy blend
  • Air path is completely isolated to remove the concern of flavour contamination
  • Digital display states the exact temperature and shows the remaining battery life
  • Temperature range is from 60°C to 230°C and can be set in 1-degree increments
  • Mouthpiece folds over when not in use
  • The battery uses a standard micro-USB charger, so it’s always easy to find one if you’re without yours.  

Accessories (included)

  • African Palisander Chamber Wall
  • South American Palisander Wall
  • Bamboo Chamber Wall
  • Borosilicate Glass Chamber Wall
  • 5x Stainless Steel Chamber Screens
  • 5x Mouthpiece Screens
  • 2x High Temp O-rings
  • Packing Tool and Dabber
  • Loading Cap
  • Chamber Removing Tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • USB Charging Cable 

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